Friday, March 01, 2013

French Fry Diary 467: The Mystery of Trisha Yearwood's Home-Style French Fries

It seems like everyone is getting a show on Food Network or the Cooking Channel except me. Here's something from "Trisha's Southern Kitchen." That's right, that Trisha Yearwood. Shouldn't she be singing while somebody else cooks for her?

Nevertheless a recent episode, "Family Fish Fry," supposedly featured her Home-Style French fries as a must-have side dish. Apparently though, it wasn't all that must-have for the Food Network because they included everything in the episode online except the fries.

Trisha makes a cobbler, cole slaw, hush puppies, catfish, gabs with family, plays horseshoes, has a sing-along, and yes, even makes French fries. Or does she?

Home-Style French Fries are listed in the Food Network description for the episode here. It's even in the Comcast description, which is why I DVRed the show in the first place.

Where did the French fries go?

Man, if Food Network gave me my own show, I would always know where my fries were.

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