Wednesday, March 27, 2013

French Fry Diary 478: Wegmans Market Café

I had been meeting with a local writers group (buy their book!) for a while upstairs at Wegmans gi-normous grocery store in Cherry Hill before I realized that the upstairs was actually the seating area for the buffet restaurant below it, the Wegmans Market Cafe. What can I say, I'm a bit slow. It took me even longer to notice that they had the favorite fried food. Okay, let's just say it, I'm pretty dumb. Or we can be polite and say I'm just unobservant. Nah, let's stick with dumb.

Not only does the Wegmans Market Café have the favorite fried food, they have an entire potato bar, called "Spud-U-Like." Not just fries are available here to pile onto a heat preserving closable dish to take home (or upstairs), but also baked potatoes with a variety of stuff to go on and with them. There's cheese and broccoli among other goodies.

The Market Café specializes in a thing called $6 meals where you can get an entrée with two sides to take home for later. Besides those standard choices, you can also get stuff from the many other bars in the buffet area, including Spud-U-Like. The variety is endless really, and not just American fare, there's also Asian, Kosher, etc.

The baked potatoes are very hot and tasty and good if you eat them right away, or reheat them when you get home. As with anything that comes from under a heat lamp, it's really only good if it's hot and fresh. The fries are standard regular cuts with similar limits, though coming out a little worse for wear after a while under the lights. I'm sure they would be fine reheated in the oven at home.

There you go, fries at Wegmans, in the grocery store. You never know where those pesky fries will show up next…


Mieke Zamora-Mackay said...

The Spud-U-Like Bar is new. It wasn't there in November when we were doing the NaNoWriMo write-ins there.

Glenn Walker said...

I think it might be a sign they take down and put up based on supply and demand. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes not.