Tuesday, March 18, 2014

French Fry Diary 567: North Fork Potato Chips

These chips came once again from Marni's significant other, Bob. From Martin Sidor Farms in Long Island Farms, come these kettle cooked potato chips. The bag brags that they're made from Long Island potatoes. Now I'm far from an expert, but I have never heard Long Island being a big potato chip, or even potato, place. There is also a big deal made of them being cooked with NuSun sunflower oil. Live and learn, I suppose.

Speaking of the bag, it was near impossible to open. I eventually resorted to a pair of scissors. This made chip bags at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's seem like child's play. Once I had it open, I was not thrilled with what I saw.

Not only wasn't the aroma all that great, but the chips looked overdone and slightly burnt for the most part. They were kinda thin for kettle cooked chips, and didn't taste very good either. I was reminded of the stale chips at the bottom of a week old bag of Wise regular. Not very good at all.

Thank you, Bob, keep 'em coming, but these were duds. I'm starting to distrust foil bags that aren't Herr's, and I'm really going to be wary of Long Island potatoes now.


Anonymous said...

who is bob and marni??

Glenn Walker said...

Marni and Bob are friends who regularly contribute unusual potato chips to the blog.