Tuesday, March 25, 2014

French Fry Diary 569: Weber's Famous Drive-In

Weber's Famous Drive-In is an old fashioned drive-in restaurant chain, much like A&W, or Mel's in American Graffiti or Arnold's in "Happy Days." This particular Weber's is probably the most famous in our area, it's the one on Route 38 in Pennsauken NJ.

Why is it famous? Because it's got Mark the Shark out front by the highway entrance with a microphone and full costume. I think overweight Elvis Presley impersonator Mark McMichael has been there for years, waving to cars, holding a mike to his face, and singing (or pretending to sing). It might be a real mike, or it might be a Mr. Microphone, but he was quiet the day we were there, but still doing his thing by the road.

The Bride and I remember Mark the Shark from karaoke at the Diamond Diner back in the 1990s. He was famous then as now for his trademark Pete Townsend-like windmills. The Diamond at the Cherry Hill Racetrack Circle is long gone, now replaced by a Walgreens, and the Circle now an intersection. Mark the Shark keeps on rocking. His appearance at Weber's is a sign that the season is open, and summer is here. Mark continues to entertain at Weber's all day Sundays while the drive-in is open.

One particular good memory I have of this Weber's is getting out of the hospital at the beginning of summer, after being bed bound and tortured by bad hospital television for weeks. The TV was punctuated by commercials for Weber's, which had just opened for the season. On the way home from the hospital, The Bride, my good buddy Q and I stopped there for dinner. I was so glad to have real food, as opposed to hospital food… and especially a thick chocolate shake. Even Elvis was there that day too. Good times.

The day of this visit, Mark was rocking, and we pulled in a turned on our lights, the signal to place our order. Our waitress skated out to take it, and when it arrived, the tray was balanced on the car window - told ya it was old school, but it was/is cool. There were a lot of folks coming in for just take out - something to consider for next time. The Bride got a pizza burger, I got a hot dog, we each got fries and a drink. Orange melted cheese for her fries, and another big frosty mug of chocolate shake for me. Warning ahead of time, this is a cash only business, don't come with just cards.

The French fries were deep-fried shoestrings. They were not great, but not all that greasy either, as one might expect. Actually once you start eating them, they become quite addictive, kinda like that old potato chip adage - you have just one. And they are great for dipping in the shake as well. These fries are not a bad deal at all, a good bargain for two and a half bucks.


BFIrrera said...

I'd always just assumed that this was a Stewart's that someone bought out. Are there more of these throughout the country?

Dawn Byrne said...

Hubby and I have to go. He loves this place. Thanks for reminding us.

Dawn Byrne said...

Joe and I just got back from Weber's. Elvis wasn't there and no skating waitresses, but the retro feel was fun. And this middle-aged woman DID eat fries.

Glenn Walker said...

Bryan, there used to be one near the Lindenwald Speedline but I'm other sure if it's still there.

Dawn, I think Mark is only 'performing' on Sundays, I could be wrong.