Tuesday, April 28, 2015

French Fry Diary 660: Hamburger Mary's 2015

We had a blast the last time we went to Hamburger Mary's in Orlando FL, chilling with our friend and FFD contributor and guest-blogger Terry Willitts, it's true, but we wanted go back to get the full experience. After all, what good is a drag bar/restaurant if you don't see the drag show, right?

We made reservations early this time, and Terry's lady friend Hattie joined us, and we were all set up for dinner with show to follow. As usual when we get together with Terry, the conversation is good, we talk books, movies, television, and this night was no exception. Most notable of topics was Terry's thoughts on the movie Jaws. To my astonishment, he doesn't dig it. I think it's an almost perfect movie. We went from there.

The show started an hour after we arrived though, so dinner was a priority. I got my usual, burger and fries, and we also got the Loaded Potato Chips for the table. According to the menu, they are "freshly fried potato chips, topped with melted cheddar/jack cheese, crispy bacon, and served with a side of fresh sour cream." They were right on target, perfect bacon, hot melty cheese, and some damn fine homemade potato chips as well - that last not being an easy feat in itself.

As the night went on we noticed that our waiter, who was exceedingly nice and rocked our evening, was a dead ringer for Wil Wheaton. This made his every trip to our table a festival of stifled giggles. Wil was cool though and did right by us, and didn't once ask to fly the Enterprise. My burger was pretty good, as it was last time, chargrilled on a soft sesame seed bun. The fries were only okay, and only good while hot. These heavily battered taters are not my favorites. Next time I think we'll maybe try the onion rings.

Next we had the show, Leigh Shannon's Cabaret Dinner Show, featuring comedy, music and lip sync performances with a group of female impersonators and one real genetic female (you have to guess which one, which I was horrible at). Still I loved it, The Bride loved it, and I'm pretty sure Terry and Hattie loved it, a fun night out for all. Even the tipping was fun, but I have to keep it clean, so I can't really tell you about it.

For more details of the evening, which like last time ended with our check in a high heel, you can check out The GAR! Podcast and The Make Mine Magic Podcast right here and here. Enjoy!

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