Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Honey Butter French Fries

McDonald's in South Korea has relented to a craze going on in that country recently. Last year Calbee made huge sales with their honey butter potato chips.

These chips had the taste of sweet bee honey with rich French gourmet butter, which caused sellouts and one bag per customer policies at many stores.

And now, McDonald's has come out with Honey Butter French fries. Seems like a natural choice. You can read about it here.

How do you feel about Honey Butter French fries? Something you'd try, like, or ignore?


Victoria Marie Lees said...

Okay, so I love French fries because of the potato-y flavor, and the salt of course. Now add sweet to the salty taste? While it sounds interesting and I'd probably try them, I probably won't go out of my way to find them any time soon. Thanks for sharing this, Glenn.

Joanne Costantino said...

I would try them! But would also add the salt!