Wednesday, July 08, 2015

French Fry Diary 676: McCain Craft Beer Battered Potatoes

I'm not a beer drinker, never have been. I'm not fond of beer battered onion rings or battered French fries either. So know that when I picked up this package of McCain Craft Beer Battered Potatoes, Thin Cut style, I did it for you folks. I'm trying these so you won't have to.

McCain maintains these frozen battered shoestring fries are real potatoes with no artificial colors or flavors, and made with the finest quality American pale ale. I was impressed that the fries were shoestrings as you don't usually find that style battered often. Burger King notably tried it for a while, and they were terrible.

The directions are a bit off, so you may want to keep your eyes on these fries as they cook, as they crisp up pretty quick. Watch them. The fries are pretty long, some seven or eight inches long. The batter adds a nice crisp and I didn't actually taste the 'craft beer' flavor, at first at least. After eating a half-dozen fries, I began to get it cumulatively, but not offensively.

I didn't expect to like these, but I really did. Thumbs up.


Heironymous said...

And your legions of followers thank you! If it were not for brave men like you, frozen French fry manufacturers would continue to pass off disgusting blobs of potato-like starch on the unsuspecting public. I salute you as the true, patriotic hero, some claim you to be.

Anonymous said...

These things are amazing! ! Tried them today. Hope they stay around for a while.