Wednesday, June 24, 2009

French Fry Diary 26: The Deli, Harrahs, Atlantic City

The Bride is addicted to slot machines. No biggie, I’m addicted to French fries. We love each other and accept our respective flaws, quirks and pleasures. The point is I get to experience all manner of non-gambling experiences in Atlantic City while she’s gambling – and occasionally they involve French fries. For instance when we go to Harrahs, while she’s popping money into the machines, sometimes I go to The Deli.

The Deli is right next to the gambling floor, at the center of the entertainment at Harrahs. Restaurants above and nearby, the theatre behind, and a bar with a stage right next door, it’s convenient no matter what you’re there for. Its specialty is, duh, deli fare, but they do also have the favorite fried food.

They serve quickly deep fried steak fries, probably store bought and frozen, but no matter, not only are they always hot and tasty – the servings are enormous. They will fill, and I mean fill a twelve-inch plate and then pile them on. And yeah, that’s for even a side dish. These guys don’t play around. And it’s not just that the serving size is huge, they are also very filling. When I can’t eat any more fries, you know that’s a lot.

There is also something to be said about consistency. A lot of the times I review fries there is the proviso that it varies on the day and who’s actually doing the cooking. Not so at The Deli, no matter when or who is involved, no matter how many times I’ve gotten them – Deli fries are always terrific. And the selection of Hank’s Root Beer, Philadelphia’s own, only makes the experience that much better. Recommended.

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