Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spam Fries

Yet another entry from This Is Why You’re Fat, ”where dreams become heart attacks...”

I love the site, just for its funky food combinations and its theoretical nose-thumbing at the Health Nazis. The problem is that there are probably as many fans of TIWYF for the wrong reasons as there are for fun reasons. It also kinda bugs me that all it takes to move a healthy dish into the unhealthy realm is the addition of bacon or cheese or especially French fries. I’m still a fan though.

Now, Spam fries. These are strips of Spam run through a French fry press as regular cuts and then deep-fried. They certainly look tasty (or is that nasty?) ... if you like Spam, that is.

I think all things considered, I’d rather have fries made from potatoes...


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