Saturday, July 18, 2009

French Fry Diary 31: Earl of Sandwich, Downtown Disney

Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney doesn’t have French fries, but gosh darn it they should. It’s an upper class Subway type place that specializes in, duh, sandwiches.

As I said, no fries, but they do have potato chips and it should be noted that chips are merely an extra slice away from being fries. It’s almost the same animal.

At Earl of Sandwich, they have Miss Vickie’s chips, a French crunchy kettle chip that appears to be all fancy-schmancy due to the French thing. The flavor I sampled, one I might add isn’t made any longer, was "Mesquite B-B-Q/B-B-Q Champetre." They were very crunchy, spicy and tasty – and must be consumed with a beverage, preferably milk.

Closer inspection does lead to a disappointment however. Hidden on the back with the bilingual (French and English) ingredients and back story is the wicked truth that Miss Vickie is actually a subsidiary of Frito Lay. It doesn’t change the taste but it does mess with the whole French fantasy thing...

*reviewed from my 2005 trip to Walt Disney World.

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