Monday, July 26, 2010

French Fry Diary 130: Herr's Potato Stix

When it comes to potato sticks, it used to be hard to beat French's (also known as Durkee in some places at certain times). The relationship between French's and potato sticks was like Scotch tape or Kleenex tissue. French's was the brand for the snack, what you thought of when you thought of potato sticks, but unfortunately the folks at French's have discontinued their potato sticks. The bastards. Now we have to rely on folks like Herr's. They make great chips, but sometimes their sticks ... not so good.

I bought two packs of Herr's Potato Stix on a recent late night Wawa snack run, one regular and one barbeque. The idea of the latter just blew my mind and I couldn't wait to try them - imagine barbequed potato sticks! I tried the plain first unfortunately, and they were just horrible. Not recommended. After that, the barbeque pack just sat on a shelf at home for a while. I didn't want to try them any more.

The other night, in lieu of doing another snack run, especially in this heat, I finally turned to that bag of Herr's Barbeque Potato Stix. They really could have been terrible, but instead they were exactly what was promised. Surprise. Crisp tasty potato sticks and hot spicy seasoning. Recommended. I don't know what they did wrong with the regular, but they did it right with the barbeque.

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