Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chorizo Hash Browns

Here's one from Serious Eats, posted by Nick Kindelsperger - Chorizo Hash Browns...

"I have a thing for hash browns. I love the crisp edges and the deep oniony bite. This recipe adapted from Gourmet tosses in some Spanish chorizo for some extra meatiness, and some smoked paprika to really bring things home. I wouldn't call this thing light by any means, but sometimes I really need something heavy and filling like this.

"As with most heavy fried-potato dishes, an egg somehow seems to make sense. Too bad I didn't realize that until I took this picture. But just mentally stick a runny yolk on top and we're all set. Oh, and those little black specks are some deeply caramelized onions. I panicked and worried that they'd taste burned, but instead they were truly sweet and delicious."

Check out the recipe here.

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Gabby said...

what a wonderful recipe! i used cream of chicken soup and used french fried onions instead of corn flakes per other reviews...added onion powder not fresh also added pepper and a little salt...i loved has the perfect sour cream/cheese/potato ratio..makes a ton but leftovers wont last long thank you for the recipe! also used less butter :)

Jenny said...

Very good recipe. Easy. Even my kids loved it.

Mariah said...

Used 6 Potatoes And 2 Teaspoons Of Salt. Next Time Will Shred, Season And Shape Potatoes, Then Fry In Batches With 2 Tablespoons Of Butter At A Time.