Tuesday, August 03, 2010

French Fry Diary 133: HIS Potato Chips

Herr's Potato Chips has been doing this since 2006. Around Father's Day every year they produce special packaging that says "His" instead of "Herr's" just for Father's Day.

Here's what they have to say about it here: "Just in time for Father’s Day, Herr Foods announces the politically correct answer to its popular HERR’S Potato Chips. Introducing HIS Potato Chips, with the same crisp and tasty flavor customers have loved for sixty years.

"“This is a fun way to recognize dads,” said Ed Herr, president of Herr Foods. “Plus we’re supporting a worthwhile cause – the National Fatherhood Initiative.”

"HIS Potato Chips will be available from early May through Father’s Day, June 18. A portion of the sales will benefit NFI, a national project dedicated to increasing the number of involved, responsible fathers.

"One out of every three children in this country grows up without his or her biological father, according to NFI. The non-profit initiative provides education and resources to address the trend.

"“No matter how busy Dad was growing his potato chip business, he always made time for his kids,” said Herr of James Stauffer Herr, founder of the company. “We’re proud to partner with NFI because all kids should have that support system.”"

There are still some of these His Potato Chips products still floating around out there. Check 'em out.

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