Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Twitter Fries

We did this a few times last year, collecting French fry-related Twitter posts together, so let's try this again...

HowStuffWorks: Did you know? Thomas Jefferson introduced America to French fries when he first served them at the White House.

SiousxieBrew Oola is now open for brunch. The parmesan & truffle fries are AWESOME! 860 Folsom Street

clex_monkie89 - Denny's calls this cheese fries

SOCHILITETIMES Since when did Long John Silver's start skimping on their fries??? Kinda disappointed right now

awesome92 If jesus ate..i think he would eat carne asada fries.

BradleyTemple The fries in our bag that didn't make it into our fry containers

lindquistryan Nothing like dipping your French fries in an ice cold Frosty, hell yes!

HeyThatsSoTrue Yes, I dip my french fries in my milkshake/frosty, and no its not gross.

OMGwhatateen I eat someone elses french fries on the way home when i'm holding the bag.

NEWS25lancewilk I wish cheeseburgers and french fries and pizza. were good for you

Anthromn What I had at #Towne tonight: bacon wrapped dates, extreme French fries, three types of bread with three types (cont)

eternalcharm Prime burger with home made fries and pancakes with maple syrup are a MUST :|

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