Tuesday, October 19, 2010

French Fry Diary 157: Big John's 2010

I've reviewed Big John's CheeseSteaks & More in Cherry Hill before and was sorely disappointed with their French fry selection. This was mostly because they had changed it.

As noted in my previous review, Big John's Famous Fries (they are even still called that on some of their menus) were indeed famous. When I would ask folks where the best fries were, they would say Big John's. They used to have delicious, crispy pixie crinkle-cut shoestring fries, in generous portions to go along with their terrific steak sandwiches and equally famous pickle bar. The last few times I have visited the restaurant however I have been confronted with sad substitutes.

This time, instead of the fries expected I got even crappier fries than before. And I thought only Burger King was capable of lowering the standards on their French fries. These were deep fried natural cuts, very hard, not crispy, overdone in the worst way possible. This was epic fail, guys, these were really bad French fries. Do you have any idea how bad the fries have to be for me not to want them?

Big John's - the steak sandwiches are still aces, but avoid the fries at all costs.

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