Friday, October 29, 2010

French Fry Diary 159: Everything Pop 2010

For this most recent trip to Walt Disney World, The Bride, her parents and I stayed at Pop Century, the same place The Bride and I stayed on our last trip. This is one of the discount resorts, no frills, but everything you need. And everything you need can be found at the shopping/eating complex in the lobby, called, appropriately enough, Everything Pop. I've reviewed the place on my last trip but figured I would do a quick check up as long as I'm here again.

The French fries are the natural cuts that are the standard fare for WDW and can be found universally (pun unintended) throughout the parks. These are adequate, but of course at Disney World, it's the atmosphere and the whole OMG-we're-in-Disney vibe that helps the experience. Sometimes it makes even the mediocre fries taste better. I mean, the fries at Casey's Corner are the very same as these, but guess which ones are more fun, ya know?

These aren't great but they're not bad either. Especially after a long day filled with three to four hours of Southwest Airlines delays, these were just fine. And seeing as Southwest's delays made a trip to Cookes of Dublin (the best fries period) impossible, it was nice to get any kind of fries today at all.

On day two of our trip, the 'rents and I hit Everything Pop for breakfast, always a yummy time at WDW. The bacon is perfect but they never give you enough, something that can be easily remedied on the Disney Cruise in a few days, wink-wink, and the breakfast potatoes, which unlike the WDW fries, take on a few different forms, are always terrific.

This morning I got natural cut diced potatoes, sometimes red, sometimes not. These were very hot, very good and well worth the wait. Mmmm... I could easily eat these every morning.

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