Thursday, January 06, 2011

French Fry Diary 198: Kettle Brand Backyard Barbeque Potato Chips

This was one of the bbq potato chips chosen by Slashfood some time back as an overall winner in their Who Has the Best Barbeque Potato Chips survey. As I had never tried Kettle Brand Potato Chips, let alone their 'Backyard Barbeque' variety, I had to give it a shot when I saw them at the local Whole Foods.

Just looking at the bag, there was much promise with the claims of "great taste... naturally" and "now more barbeque" so I couldn't wait to try them. For the Health Nazis out there, it will delight you to know that these also had no trans fats, preservatives or artificial flavors among other things to make those folks happy. The tear for opening the bag however worked against traditional logic in opening potato chip bags, and it should be noted, their tear tab ripped it open badly and made it unresealable. Use a scissors, kids.

The chips themselves are thick and with the twisted kettle shapes and waves best for dipping. The flavoring is a nice and subtle mix of smoke, tomato and honey - good but mot overpowering, very tasty. I would have to agree with Slashfood on this one. They're not better than what Herr's or Wise has, but still some good bbq chips here. Thumbs up.

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French Fry Fairy said...

You have to try the Sweet Onion Kettle Chips... They are delicious.