Monday, January 31, 2011

French Fry Diary 208: "Dirty" Potato Chips

I think this potato chip wins for most words on the front of their bag. They're all natural, and their name is "Dirty" Potato Chips, of the Sea Salted variety. Underneath that it says, "We Kettle Cook In A Premium Peanut Oil Blend For A Crunchier, Tastier Potato Chip!" Yeah, just like that, all capped, a grammarian's nightmare, and I don't know why.

Other than the annoying caps, these chips should make the Health Nazis happy, as they have zero transfat, no artificial colors or flavors, no MSG, no preservatives, no wheat glutens, no artificial sweeteners and they are also kosher as a bonus. They should love these babies.

I didn't. They are virtually tasteless, almost like deep-fried Communion wafers, if you can imagine. The bag says 'sea salted,' but I couldn't tell if there was any salt at all - it certainly didn't taste like it. They are kettle cooked as mentioned above, and quite crunchy, but tasteless. These are the tofu of potato chips. Fail.

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