Tuesday, January 04, 2011

French Fry Diary 197: The Medport Diner

The Medport Diner is the pinnacle of the Jersey Diner experience. It's perfect for after a date, after a movie, a theatre show, a school event, a midnight movie, gaming, hanging with friends or just that late night diner run. Nothing beats the Medport Diner.
Nothing beats it even on the food level. Sometimes diner food is iffy, but the Medport is the king of diners, at least in this area. Their fries are natural cuts, a bit thicker than regular cuts, always hot and tasty. The onion rings are big, panko coated with lots of onion. The home fries are scalloped cut potatoes, well done, just like my mom used to make.
All come in big portions and usually come home with me for reheating later, which they do quite well. The Medport is so good that I have trouble deciding which to get. The Medport Diner has innumerable reviews online, its own Facebook page, even an Urban Dictionary entry, but sadly, no website. Still, it's always a fun experience. Recommended.

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