Thursday, January 13, 2011

French Fry Diary 202: Devil's Alley Bar and Grill

The Devil Burger and fries. This has been a whispered legend to me from friends and emails since I started doing French Fry Diary. A burger topped with onion rings and French fries, ooooh. The Bride had been here before, and like I said, I had several recommendations as well - so I couldn't not come here.

The Devil Burger is a, according to their menu, half-pound sirloin burger topped with onion rings and fries, served with a side of cheese sauce. Halloween-ish imagery aside, this is still a monster of a burger. A burger, onion rings and fries together? Yeah, baby, does it get better than this?

Devil's Alley itself has a nice eclectic atmosphere, open to the street, and cozy. However if you're looking for it on Chestnut Street and haven't been there before, you might miss it due to lack of signage. Once you're there however, you'll never forget it.

When served, the Devil's Burger is an interesting construct, and presentation. The natural cut fries were inserted into the just average beer batter onion rings and held in place by toothpicks, and placed on top of the burger. More fries and rings were also stacked on top as well. It was bit hard to eat the burger until all the fried toppings were removed.

Additionally I got a side order of fries that were a bit overdone, but the ones on top of the delicious burger were just right. It seemed that the toothpick-held batch of deep-fried goodness was deep-fried all at once, similar to the Potato Onion Web we got at CityWalk's Rising Star in Orlando. Mmmm... now that was good.

The cheese sauce was thick and flavorful. The Bride and the mom-in-law both thought it reminded them of the old Horn & Hardart macaroni and cheese. The waitress never got back to us on what was really in it when we asked. The food was good, not as good as the whispered legend of the Devil Burger, but we'll definitely go back.

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