Thursday, March 01, 2012

French Fry Diary 344: Muscle Maker Grill

This is not the usual place you would expect to find here on French Fry Diary. When you think French fries, you think fast food, and when you think fast food, you usually think unhealthy. Well, the tag line at Muscle Maker Grill is "Great Food with Your Health in Mind."

I was enticed to go not by the ad line, or even by the potato products available, but by the teriyaki chicken nuggets. They sounded really good when I'd first heard about them, so the potato side, and the health, they were just happy bonuses.

I was kinda surprised but happy to find Coca-Cola in such a healthy place (again), but oddly, all in all, the menu seemed very fast food junkie friendly. Not on the menu but as a special was a real burger, but alas, I came for the nuggets. Maybe next time. I ordered and sat down in the crazy red neon lit dining area to wait for my food. If it wasn't for the big screen TV with ESPN on it, I might have gone blind from the red.

Nuggets came with crisp celery and sesame seeds on them, nice touch. They also came with a fork and knife, weird, but plenty helpful with the nuggets, and the potatoes. They were really big (you won't leave hungry) and tender but only slightly teriyaki-ed. Not as good as I would have hoped but still good. I guess I could have asked for more teriyaki, but didn't.

The Western Potatoes also came in a bowl the same size as the nuggets. They were chunks of potato, most the size of the nuggets, soft and spicy, and baked. I couldn't quite identify what the spice was though. I do know that I was as fond of the green leaves in the potatoes as I was of ESPN and the red neon. Otherwise the potatoes were quite good. Both chicken nuggets and potato chunks came apart easily with a fork.

At dinner time on a Thursday night there were not many folks in the restaurant, but it is notable that there was a brisk business coming in and out with take out. Also notably they deliver. I would definitely come back, but with a bigger appetite. It may not look like much, but this meal was very filling.

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