Wednesday, March 21, 2012

French Fry Diary 353: Bassett's Original Memphis BBQ

The Bride and I had our hearts set on Sonic as we headed back across the Walt Whitman Bridge from a day in Philly. We quickly had our hearts broken as we saw no lights or cars at the Sonic. They were closed. Like closed for good. I personally was kinda shocked as this was the same Sonic Drive-In that was blocking traffic when they first opened.

Hungry, we looked around. It was Sunday so no Chick-fil-A, we didn't really feel like Five Guys, so we decided on Bassett's Original Memphis BBQ. They had fries, so good deal.

The Bride got brisket and I ordered chicken tenders and fries. The drink selection was interesting. Besides Stewart's in bottles they had some odd flavors on tap, among them real sugar cane cola, outlaw orange and a diet cola as well - all Bassett's brand microbrews.

The Memphis Fries, as they were called, were standard crinkle cuts and probably frozen and deep-fried, but they were hot and very tasty. They were also perfect for dipping and soaking up the barbecue sauce. I got the mild, but I probably should have gotten the hot. No worries, both are at the table.

The Bride loved her bacon and cheese fries, though she wasn't sure what kind of cheese was used. My chicken tenders were regular breaded tenders but smothered in that terrific barbecue sauce. This was a great meal and a great surprise. Maybe it's a good thing that Sonic was closed, we'll definitely be back.

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