Wednesday, March 07, 2012

French Fry Diary 347: The Waterfront Buffet, Harrah's, Atlantic City

Because of The Bride's understated gambling addiction, we come to Harrah's in Atlantic City a lot. If you're a regular reader of French Fry Diary, you know that one of my biggest complaints about the casinos is their weirdness about the hours their restaurants are open. Some are pretty easy, like the late lamented Deli, almost always open - and others, like The Waterfront Buffet, never seem to be open.

I've been to this Buffet twice, twice in the literal years we've been coming to Harrah's while the Buffet been in business. It seems like they are never open when we're here, and if they are, they're open for like two hours at six in the morning, and then blocked off for three days. It's maddening. It's not like I really want to go to a buffet, it's just that as human beings, we always want what we can not have.

On our latest trip to Harrah's, Columbus Day weekend, surprisingly, we found The Waterfront Buffet open for breakfast. First things first, the place is huge, and the offerings to eat are many and varied. If you wanted, it could take some time to try everything available - longer than the place is ever open if I may be allowed one last jab about their hours.

The breakfast potatoes were of the cubes variety, fried and left under a heat lamp. They were lacking salt and pepper and any other spices. I could add the first two myself of course. The bacon was good, as was the other breakfasty items. I guess in my obsession I was expecting more potato products, but no go. They did have corned beef hash, which does have some potato in it, but I am suspect of it already as it actually has no corn in it.

When it came to seconds, which I thought I should have because of the price, but they were out of potatoes. Horrors. But then again we did arrive just as breakfast was ending. Maybe we can make an appointment for the next time they're open...

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Heironymous said...

Actually Corned beef does have "corn" in it. The name refers to the "corn" of salt that was used to pickle the cut of the brisket. But i guess a French fry guy can't know everything or were you just trying to be funny.