Saturday, March 10, 2012

French Fry Diary 349: Herr's Tangy BBQ Flavored Popped Chips

It would seem that the popularity of Pop Chips has caused at least one of the major potato chip company to fire back as it were. The other day at CVS I came across a tiny six ounce bag of Herr's Tangy BBQ Flavored Popped Chips. I picked them up right away.

It was not so much the fact of competitive popped chips or even the barbecue flavor - but the word 'tangy' was what grabbed me. I admit I was excited. If they could make a 'tangy' barbecue flavor of popped chip, could regular or kettle tangies be next? Of course it might just be a ploy like when McDonald's added the word 'tangy' to their McNugget BBQ sauce without changing the formula one bit.

For the health-conscious, there's a lot to be happy about as they are, as noted on the front of the bag, all natural, gluten free, and with no transfats, preservatives or cholesterol. The chips themselves are round, but with more broken pieces than Pop Chips. And for creatures made from potato flour, the taste is not bad but that may just be the BBQ flavor covering up any bad taste. Not a bad snack at all, and a step above the BBQ Pop Chips.

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