Tuesday, July 03, 2012

French Fry Diary 389: The Mystery Box from Herr's

The Bride got the mail the other day and brought with her a huge cardboard box for me. It took me a few moments to figure out what it was, but once I saw the return address was Herr's in Nottingham PA - I knew exactly what it was.

I take online surveys all the time, but the ones I enjoy most are surveys about my favorite things, among them would be potato chips. I've done Herr's surveys before, always fun, and as an incentive to do the survey, you could win a case of snacks. Guess who won this time?

I'm surprised that I still won. When they asked me what I wanted a case of, I suppose I may have been a pain in the ass. I first asked for the 1853 chips and then the barbecue variety neither of which I have been able to find since 2010. I also mentioned the Lattice chips, the Honey BBQ, and two or three others. I thought maybe I'd get a variety.

This was good though, surprising, and large eight ounce bags, twelve of them - the mythical, and thought lost to the crumbs of time - All Natural 1853 Kettle Cooked Barbecue Potato Chips. Truly a lifetime supply. Thank you, Herr's!

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Unknown said...

Now that's a "prize" box! Nice.