Friday, July 27, 2012

French Fry Diary 398: London Fish and Fries

We've talked recently about the McDonald's monopoly on the favorite fried food at this year's Summer Olympics in London, well, now here's a related item from down under, specifically Mickey D's in Australia and New Zealand.

The McDonald's restaurants down under are offering, for a limited time of course, Flavours of the Games. One of the 'Flavours' is London Fish & Fries - battered and fried fish strips with tartar sauce and McDonald's French fries. Shouldn't that be chips though?

The other offerings include the Beijing Chicken, the Sydney Stack, the Barcelona Omelette, the Atlanta Pork McRib, the Athens Apricot and Peach Pie, and the Paris Choc Delight. Hmmm... I wonder much a flight to Australia costs?

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