Tuesday, July 17, 2012

McDonald's Goes Solo for Olympics?

There seems to be quite a French fry controversy going on in London of late for the Summer Olympic Games. Certain corporate sponsors, McDonald's among them, are requiring not only product dominance at the games but also sole occupancy.

On the grounds of the Olympics, if you want Burger King or Wendy's fries, you'll have a long walk and a long wait. McDonald's has product exclusivity. You can of course buy local favorites fish and chips however. It ain't London without fish and chips.

You can read the full story here, and special thanks to my friend Dom for hipping me to this fry-intensive new item.


Victoria Marie Lees said...

Yes, but are McDonald's French fries nutritious for hard-working athletes? I think there's a more nutritious way to replenish salt in an athlete. How about pretzels?
~Victoria Marie Lees

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure the fries, as well as the fish and chips, are for the millions of spectators. The athletes probably have trainers and strict diets, just my guess.