Tuesday, October 02, 2012

French Fry Diary 418: The Justice for Potatoes League

Other than being a self-confessed (and obsessed) French fry freak, I am also a big comic book geek, so when I saw a recent Ore-Ida commercial featuring the Justice for Potatoes League, an obvious play on DC Comics' Justice League, they had me immediately.

Not superheroes in the traditional sense, the League is composed of one determined little blonde girl with a microphone and her younger sidekick Jackson with his camera who confront folks in the supermarket about how Ore-Ida French fries products don't have as many calories as they think they do. Because, trademark notice, "Ore-Ida may surprise you."

I like this new advertising campaign because all too often, the favorite fried food gets a bad rap. Nice to see fries getting some good publicity.

The Justice for Potatoes League has its own website on the Ore-Ida site, and even their own Facebook page. Don't forget to 'Like' them!

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