Tuesday, October 23, 2012

French Fry Diary 427: Alexia Multi Grain Onion Rings

This kinda goes against the grain, doesn't it? But I'm open-minded. When I saw these Multi Grain Onion Rings from Alexia, whose other products, especially their onion rings, are great... I picked them right up. I can do healthy, and bonus, no transfats.

The package promises crispy golden onions with hearty grain breading. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was that they looked different from the regular Alexia o-rings, darker color breading with specks, almost weirdly polka-dotted. Still, I was down and popped them in the oven. There were no deep fryer directions, and honestly I'm pretty sure if they were deep fried, I think that breading would burn. So baking it was.

Now I have to say they are good, well, maybe just okay. The onions are very good, they are those great Spanish onions that Alexia always uses. But the breading is very bland, and despite the baking directions, they did overlook a bit. If you like your rings very crunchy, these might be for you.

I dipped them in BBQ sauce, and the second batch I did a shake and bake deal with what was left in the bag and some BBQ seasoning. They were a little better. They definitely need something extra, and watch your cook time, but definitely worth a try.

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