Sunday, October 21, 2012

French Fry Diary 426: Rustic Grille

I keep hearing good things about the Rustic Grille in Medford, not necessarily about the fries, but had never been there. I was out with friends looking for dinner in Medford, after being frustrated by the Zinc Café being closed again (this was the second time I wanted to show it off and it was unexpectedly closed). We saw the Rustic Grille and decided, what the heck.

We seated ourselves, and after getting our drinks, placing our orders, and talking for a while - we sat ourselves again, as the air vent over our heads in the ceiling was dripping on us. Not a good start to dinner.

When the food came I was pleasantly surprised. I got chicken tenders and fries. Very tender chicken tenders - very good, although I was a bit disappointed that the barbecue sauce that came with it were packaged, from Unipro Foodservice. Not cool. What is this, McDonald's?

The fries were steak fries, probably deep-fried, but with a texture that tasted baked. These are proof that simple and cheap can actually be really really good. I liked these a lot. Definitely thumbs up on these great steak fries.

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