Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dollar Fries

I posted about this over on the French Fry Diary Facebook group (and if you're not a member already, why aren't you?) when the deal first started, and thought it needed repeating, especially when combined with other fast food deal news.

Checkers and Rally's, for a limited time, are selling their small, medium, and large famous seasoned fries for only a dollar. The Fry Lover's XL size are excluded sadly, but until further notice, fries are only a dollar at Checkers and Rally's.

Now, if you have the fast food places in your town close together, you could end up getting a very inexpensive fry snack by first hitting Checkers and Rally's for dollar fries, then hitting McDonald's, where for a similar limited time, any size soft drink is only a dollar as well.

Sound like a deal? Yep, that's what I thought. Can't beat it. Enjoy!

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