Monday, May 08, 2017

French Fry Diary 729: Tater Tot Grilled Cheese

So, inspired by the ThreadBanger YouTube video seen here sent to me by good friend Amy I set off to the kitchen to try this immediately. I had tater tots, I had cheese, and I had an awesome Cuisinart waffle maker, so why not?

Here's the first layer of tater tots. Rather than cooking them, I microwaved them for a couple minutes, or you could just let them thaw for a bit.

 Here's the next layer, great individual slices of Kraft American cheese, the orange stuff is always best. If this works out the first time, I'll add bacon the next time and see what happens.

And another layer of tater tots. There's a learning curve here as they are hard to stack. If the first layer of tots are hot, they will melt the cheese which will act as a glue to hold the second layer of tots together.

Mmmm… look at that awesome cheesy potatoey overflow!

I learned a few more things. Lesson one: don't overfill on the tots. Lesson two: more cheese (always a good rule no matter what). Lesson three: spray waffle maker with oil so you can remove the monstrosity easier when it's done. I used a butter knife and it was still stubborn.

The brown spots are the cheese leaking through to the bottom, so again, more cheese. It cooks up in the cooking so you need lots more. And on this first try, I definitely cooked them too long. On the plus side, you can always put more cheese on them afterward.

Thanks, Amy, you rock, and thanks to ThreadBanger who is insane but oh so cool. Incidentally, ThreadBanger was inspired by the folks at Tip Hero and their take can be found here.

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amy hollinger said...

Haha immediately is right!! Looks delish, although I'd pick a different cheese, personally :)