Monday, May 15, 2017

French Fry Diary 732: Jerry Mother's Day Breakfast

My good friend Jerry Whitworth, who's also one of my partners on the Nerdfect Strangers podcast, yesterday for Mother's Day made his mom breakfast. Now he's contributed to French Fry Diary before, but his step-by-step making of Mother's Day breakfast yesterday via Facebook was something else.

Here's some pics, and Jerry's own words, along with great advice for Mother's Day:

"Making breakfast for mom. Hand shredded potatoes for homemade hashbrowns."

"Was just telling mom it was easier using fresh potatoes for hashbrowns than bag potatoes or reconstituted ones. I could flip the fresh hashbrowns with a spatula without breaking while the other way I need to slide it onto a plate to flip it." 


"Mom's watching a show where they asked what was the most important thing your mother taught you. For me, it was to always remain a kid at heart."

Thanks, Jerry, and a belated Mother's Day to everyone out there!

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