Tuesday, December 04, 2012

French Fry Diary 443: Sheetz

Sheetz is kinda like a gas station/convenience store type place similar to Wawa. I have seen them around (never in Jersey) on excursions before, but had never stopped. On a recent road trip The Bride and I hit one near Gettysburg PA for a quick breakfast. I, of course, got, what else, a hash brown.

The hash brown was one of those square jobs, just like Wawa, but the chunks of potato were bigger, just like McDonald's used to have. It was so hot some of it stuck to the inside of the wrapper. Very hot, crispy, and satisfying, a welcome breakfast treat - greasy but good.

Sheetz at the time, just a couple weeks ago, it should noted, two weeks after Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, had its pumps closed, and still had no gas. Not a lot of folks were happy about it while we were there.

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