Wednesday, December 19, 2012

French Fry Diary 448: Cool Dog Cafe 2012

I went by my favorite hot dog place, the Cool Dog Café in Marlton, the other day, on the last night of the Festival of Lights. It was just me, The Bride, and her dad, and we were there for their seasonal specialty, the Hanukkah Dog.

Now special hot dogs at Cool Dog are nothing new. Ira and company usually come up with something new and spectacular every week or so, but this was something extra special, only available during the holiday. Last year they offered those terrific Hanukkah Sliders, if you remember. The Hanukkah Dog is a kosher hot dog (of course!) on a roll with sautéed onions and potato latkes - and that last bit is why you're reading about it here on French Fry Diary.

Also lately Cool Dog has been serving crinkle cut French fries as the base of several variations of specials. While we were there, I tried out a plain order. They are deep fried frozen crinkle cuts, but done perfectly. Pretty simple compared to the process done for Cool Dog's near perfect fresh cut fries, but still cooked with the same care. They were great.

The Hanukkah Dog however was another story. There was only one left. We made the ultimate sacrifice and ordered it to go for The Bride's mom who stayed home, while we ordered different choices from Cool Dog's amazing menu. Dinner was well worth it, and we made a great choice - Mom loved her hot dog, the final Haukkah Dog of the season.

And don't forget to get over to Cool Dog Cafe on Friday, 12-21-2012, for the Mayan End of the World Special - 20% off all hot dogs. What better last meal than hot dogs, right? And don't forget the fries!

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