Tuesday, April 09, 2013

French Fry Diary 481: Burger King Loaded Tater Tots

My good friend and she-who-watches-for-fry-and-chip-stuff, Marni, hipped me to these just yesterday. Burger King's Loaded Tater Tots - after they changed their fries, I haven't really been back to BK all that much. But, knowing how much The Bride likes cheese, bacon, and tater tots, I figured dinner at Burger King might be both a nice change of pace, and a FFD field trip.

They were stuffed with bacon and cheese, and from all indications and advertisement images, some other stuff. They don't look like tater tots really. They're a little bigger and with a outside texture that is more similar to chicken tenders than anything else. They look
and taste very deep fried. The taste... well, they don't taste bad but I'm really not sure what they taste like. If you close your eyes and concentrate, you might taste cheese, bacon, and potato. It's anyone's guess what the green bits are.

The Bride definitely thought they were better than BK's old tots, which, I know, for shame, I never tried. That they were better than the old ones, which I haven't heard anything good - that's not saying a lot. Thanks, Marni!

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