Thursday, April 04, 2013

Virtua Fries

Recently, my brother-in-law (big sister Bobbie's husband) had a brief encounter with the Emergency Room at the new Virtua Hospital in Voorhees. He's all good now, but he spent a few days relaxing in a hospital room that, let's be honest, kinda shamed some of the rooms I've stayed in at Harrah's. It was niiice.

While he was there, Bobbie had a chance to eat at the CafĂ© there, so today's Somebody Else's Fries are hers. This is a pic of her lunch one day during hubby's stay. Bobbie said, "…the fries were natural cut, crisp, hot and made to order. And only cost $1.99! Everything in the cafeteria is fresh, made to order and delicious, who knew? Who knew that hospital food would taste so good?" Her words, not mine.

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