Tuesday, April 23, 2013

French Fry Diary 486: New York J & P Pizza

We had this for pick up and go dinner one night with the in-laws in Maryland. New York J & P Pizza is just a standard pizza place down by the brother-in-law's, but they're pretty good.

I'm not big for pizza so I ordered the chicken tenders with French fries. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but I just didn't feel like a burger either that night.

The French fries were great regular cuts, standard frozen and deep-fried, but quite tasty and not too greasy at all. The chicken tenders were good and they came with a terrific barbeque sauce that was excellent for dipping the fries as well.

Oh yeah, and I hear the pizza is pretty good too. ;-)


Heironymous said...

Yes, they serve one of the best pizzas in the area especially since this area is dominated with chain pizza placess. Oh, and I love their calzones.

Not sure I would be brave enough to order fries from a pizza place....

However, now that I know you visit the area, why didn't you let us know? I'm hurt.

But, I'll get over it (sniff!)

Glenn Walker said...

Good to know, Dom.

Lol, ordering fries from pizza places is part of the gig, man! I do it so you won't have to!

Seriously, 80% of the time, pizza place fries are just what you expect they would be, but that 20%... sometimes they are really really good.

Haven't reviewed it for the site yet, but old landmark Vito's Pizza in Cherry Hill is a place where the fries are very good, for example.

When we come down to see the in-laws, it's very nephew-centric, almost all the time is spent with him, and sometimes even with his folks. ;-)

But now that we know you're that close, don't be surprised if you get a call one of these days. You can show me where the good fries in that neck of Maryland are.