Thursday, April 18, 2013

French Fry Diary 484: The Wawa Hash Brown 2013

Little has changed about the Wawa breakfast hash brown since the last time I reviewed it, one of my first actual reviews for this blog. While Wawa breakfast has expanded quite a bit and their ordering system for both breakfast and the entire deli area has become computerized and cutting edge, their hash brown remains pretty bad.

The Wawa hash brown is probably frozen and heated via toaster oven then heat lamp for the better part of the day. And yeah, it tastes as good as that sounds. They are worse than the similar planks of processed potato I dislike in Disney and on their Cruise, but also nowhere near the quality of McDonald's Hash Browns. Also note in the image that sometimes, it's not even a perfect rectangle.

It's bland for the most part but it has a bit of a kick more than McD's, possibly it's the onion powder. There is still an awful aftertaste from them. I had one in 2009, I guess one every three years is enough for me.

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Heironymous said...

Stop dissing (no pun intended) the Disney hash browns.

When you are attacked by rogue ninjas out to destroy the civilized world, you'll be sorry you didn't have one or two in your pocket to hurl back at them or to deflect their throwing stars.

They are a necessary evil to protect this world from harm!

I think WAWA understands this...