Thursday, September 15, 2011

French Fry Diary 269: Royal Palace, Mystery Breakfast

Day four's breakfast brought The Bride and me back to Royal Palace. This breakfast was very much like yesterday's but a little lighter. I just got the grilled ham and breakfast potatoes. Ham was fantastic as usual, and the potatoes continue to be one of the best things about breakfast on the Disney Cruise. But, the potatoes this time also had some interesting extras.

We think they might have been battered onion rings and strings, or maybe peppers, or something else completely off our radar - but we weren't sure, and I wasn't brave enough to try one so there you go. The seasoning on the potatoes was a bit spicier, or maybe the mystery items made them so. They were still very good, and highly recommended.

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Legend of Korra said...

Hey nice blog. You're blog on French fires is making me hungy. Im definetly gonna check out this blog more often :) Alos check out my blog: THanks... =]

Glenn Walker said...

Thanks for the kind words.