Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Tater Pics of the Day #15 and 16

Almost every night of our cruise on the Disney Dream, Mia, the daughter of our friends, Dom and Cindy, ordered mac and cheese, with fries, for her entrée. This kids menu delight usually had either steak fries or natural cuts, which can read about in other entries from the cruise, but they came with a special condiment.

Here's a pic of that special condiment, ketchup, expertly poured by our assistant server Charlie into the shape of a hidden Mickey. Yep, a ketchup Mickey Mouse for the fries, rock on. And special thanks to Cindy for the pics.

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Heironymous said...

You left out the next night when Charlie let the ketchup drop too long and it created the first known hidden Piglet.

Unknown said...

Got it right here, Dom!