Monday, September 19, 2011

French Fry Diary 270: Animator's Palate, Pirate Night

Dinner on day four was Pirate Night on the Disney Dream, and we were once again at Animator's Palate. Pirate Night is also fireworks night on the top deck, as well as dress-up night. By dress-up, I don't mean those annoying formal nights that most cruises have, I mean dress-up like a pirate. Yeah, Disney, as always, means fun. Even our two servers, Goncalo and Charlie, got into the act.

The special effects of the restaurant were different tonight in that instead of interactive Crush the turtle it was simpler, subtler and in my opinion, better. We were treated to pirate images from Disney movies, rides, animation designs, and history. Visuals from films like Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Treasure Planet and of course the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean movies flashed across the multiple screens of the walls. I liked it a lot.

For starters at dinner, I had my favorite appetizer, a coconut banana treat, and my favorite rolls were also on the table, so we were off to a great beginning for the meal. Again, like I said, if you mention you like something, the waitstaff, who are with you the entire stay, make sure you are taken care of. The rolls rocked.

For dinner, I ordered some very spicy citrus chicken with the usual steak fries. The chicken was tender and succulent, and the fries, with the lemony sauce were terrific. This was truly one of the best meals on board so far, in flavor, company and entertainment.

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