Wednesday, September 14, 2011

French Fry Diary 268: Disney Dream Room Service

After seeing the midnight showing of new Fright Night on the Disney Dream, The Bride and I were still up and a little hungry so we ordered up some room service. Just some comfort food - mac and cheese, a Florida version of a cheesesteak, and, of course, some French fries.

The Bride inhaled the mac and cheese, not only because she was hungry but also because she digs mac and cheese the way I do the favorite fried food. The fries were the same baked steak fries I had had elsewhere and earlier on the Disney boat. Hot and tasty, and perfect for a well-after-midnight snack.

The "cheesesteak" was a steak, yes, a real steak with a slice of cheese and an onion slice on it in a mini kaiser roll. Not quite a Philly cheesesteak, but still pretty good for a hungry late night snack. We split it, enjoying it, but still wishing for a real cheesesteak. I guess we'll have to hit Big John's, or Tony Luke's, or the big two - Geno's or Pat's when we get home. All around, it was a good and interesting late night snack, it definitely hit the spot.

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