Saturday, September 03, 2011

Poll Results

Our latest poll here at French Fry Diary asked a very simple and easy question - "How do you eat your French fries?"

The choices were "With my fingers, it's finger food!" which got 92% of the vote. There was also "With a fork." getting 10% and "With a knife and fork, cutting them into bite sized pieces." getting 5%. Finally "Pour them directly into my mouth." got 17%. A good friend of mine also insisted frequently that he eats his fries with his mouth, not a choice given, but what can you do?

Hmmm... there's an obvious winner with most folks using their fingers, but do you all see what I see here? Google, the fine folks that run Blogger and Blogger polls, seems to have a problem - they are very bad at math. There's no way that 92 + 10 + 5 + 17 = 100. Come on, Google, what up with that?

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