Saturday, February 04, 2012

French Fry Diary 332: Burger King's New Onion Rings

Much like the hype Burger King had going on for their new French fries, they are doing the same for their 'new' onion rings this Super Bowl weekend. All weekend BK is giving away their new onion rings. Properly enticed, I decided to treat The Bride and her parents to lunch today.

I ran over to the Marlton Burger King with my order for lunch. The place was packed, more so than I've ever seen it. The lady at the counter informed me that the free rings were one per customer, but seeing how I was obviously ordering for at least four people, she let me slide. That said, when I got home, we were missing a Jr. Whopper. This was kinda frustrating, and a two for two for this BK, as the last time we got from there they similarly messed up the order.

Now on to the main event, the 'new' onion rings. I didn't see much of a difference in appearance, or in taste really, so I wonder if I was even served the new ones. They were crispier, just slightly. My mom-in-law also thought they were crispier, and thought they lacked the usual aftertaste. Of course, that could be because of using a different oil. They are cooked in the same oil as the new French fries after all.

As far as 'new' onion rings I'm not impressed. But that said, the old ones are good, but if they are passing them off as new - not so great. Of course, the weekend is still young, you can get over to your local BK and give them a try yourself, a value size order of the new onion rings will be free, one per customer, for the rest of the weekend. Also, props to Marni, for always being on top of fry news for me.

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