Thursday, February 16, 2012

French Fry Diary 338: Cook's Cafe Downtown

Welcome to the last day of our special week. While I'm busy running the Virtual Book Tour for THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES by my friend author Fran Metzman, another good friend of mine, Terry Willitts will be guest blogging here at French Fry Diary this week.

Today, Terry writes about Cook's CafĂ© Downtown…


Cook's Cafe Downtown has been in DeLand for many years, and I've been there before, though it's been a handful of years or so. A couple weeks ago, one of my helpers at the animal shelter offered to make a lunch run and we settled on Cook's. I had him get me a mushroom swiss burger and fries, and have no complaints whatsoever.

The burger was thick and juicy (not quite as thick as the Flippers' burger, but almost), the swiss cheese was melted to perfection, the slices of mushroom were fresh and HUGE (like onion rings, size does matter) and that perfect halfway point between soft and crisp.

The fries were excellent crinkle fries, well salted, warm and crisp, soft inside. I can't speak on the value, as I was treated to lunch, but I'm sure they're comparable to Flippers and most other burger joints.

Thanks again, Terry, for lightening my workload, and as always for being a friend of French Fry Diary, and me too!

If you'd like more of Terry online, check out his regular blog here, his daily year long journey through "Doctor Who" from the very beginning here, and his eBay page here.

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